May Reading List: Food, Food, FOOD!

Farinata with an interesting white wine at the #Eataly Pavilion.
That's all everyone is talking about right now.
I live in Italy, and Italian food is ... well, do I really have to explain that?

The main reason that food is on everyone's minds is that Expo2015 is all about food, so it seems obvious that this month's book list should discuss the topic.

How many cookbooks do you own? At last count, I think I had between 40 and 50. Some of them are really small paperbacks, and some are nice big treasures with lots of pictures. A few were given to me as gifts, and one or two are legacies from grandmothers.

My favorites?  They're oldies but goodies.
The Microwave Guide and Cookbook by General Electric Company.
La Cucina, edited and adapted by Myra Street with a wine section by Serena Sutcliffe.

Chocolat by Stephan Lagorce is absolutely fabulous!
Of course, my copy is in Italian.

This very creatively packaged book looks like a wrapped chocolate bar, with a label listing its weight, storage instructions (keep in a dry place at a temperature between 16-30°C/60-86°F), and even an expiration date.  It covers everything from recipes to tasting instructions.

Aside from my paper cookbooks, I also pull recipes off the Internet whenever I need something specific, and I mix and match recipes to form my own original concoctions. This process has led to the creation of a whole range of Cookie in a Mug recipes, which I'll share with you next month.

However, not all books about food are cookbooks, though, and I wanted to mention a couple that I've read about nutrition and food-related topics.

Modern society has a lot of problems in dealing with food: waste, nutrition, wholesomeness, and excess consumption are the main ones. Did you know that it is possible to be obese and still be malnourished? We don't eat the right things and we eat too much of the wrong things.

These two books will point you in the right direction. The only catch is that you actually have to follow directions to get results.

In Defence of Food by Michael Pollan
The Family Nutrition Workbook by Patrick Holford

Please feel free to mention your favorite cookbook, or book about food, in the comments.


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