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I haven't been able to find a lot of Italian blogs about faith, so I started my own. I plan to translate the articles for the English language blog I started two years ago. Up to now, I've kept my blogging to myself and a few close friends, probably just to get comfortable with the idea of people actually reading what I write.

That shouldn't sound weird, but it does. A writer should want people to read her stuff, but I find it painful at times. The idea that someone could find fault with my writing just makes my stomach churn, but the flip side of that is even stronger. What if someone actually likes it?

In the end, deciding to go public is giving into the idea that my ideas are not just for me. We live in a community, and no one is supposed to go it alone. Ideas are to be shared. That's why we read.

Drop by if you can read Italian: A Spasso sul Mare
If you prefer English, the same article was posted here: Walking on Water


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