My first reading

Strangely enough, I wasn't nervous.

I got my turn reading my story at the Giallo Milanese literary contest on October 16th. (The link goes to a short video with Italian audio in which I read a few lines.)

The last person reading in the video is an actor, not the author of the story, and it shows. We writers tend to be a little shy in front of a microphone. In the past, I've attended readings where the authors obviously were used to speaking in front of a group, but they're exceptions.

The ExCogita publisher, who sponsors the Giallo Milanese contest, says that publishers choose what to publish, but the public decides what is worth reading. Therefore, the people who come to listen get to vote for the stories they like best.

I passed this selection so I'm scheduled to read again on November 6th.
I'm so excited!


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