Personal Peace

Peace is a gift from God that
Even you can receive, if you just ask for it.
Against insurmountable odds and in the most difficult
Conditions, feelings of calm can flood your soul,
Even though you are frightened.

If you believe this can occur,
Something will begin to change.

A light will begin to shine before you.

Slowly, you will start to realize
That the horrible things that happened
Are only pieces of some bigger picture.
Terrible as they were, for some reason they came about.
Eventually, the message should become clearer.

Over centuries of uncertainty, Whom did Mankind turn to for hope?
For countless reasons, Who has been taking care of you?

Maybe things will remain they way they are now.
If that is God’s will, then so be it, for His glory.
Never doubt that you and I are His children, and part of His creation.
Do believe that His purpose will be fulfilled.

I wrote this in 2001 after 9/11. It seems to fit today's world as well.


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