Looking back...

Sometimes we get nostalgic. Poetry is a good way to express those feelings and give them a particular weight.

This is a piece that I sent to the 2002 edition of the "Montagne d'Argento" contest from Keltia Editrice, and it was chosen for publication. The theme was childhood games and toys, and so I chose this and translated it.  

Dolls in the Closet

As I look at them today,
They seem to ask:
Where have you been, little one?
You used to pay close attention,
And care daily for us-
Dress us, and brush our hair.
What toys are you playing with
Now that you are grown?

A window to childhood –
These dolls in the closet.
Lifeless creatures of plastic
That once were so real.
The sisters I never had,
Or the children I would have someday.
They played these roles, once-
Long ago.

Now, as I brush their hair again
And wipe away from their eyes
The dust of the years-
Their faces shine beautiful
As always.
And after I’ve fixed them
All up again, with ponytails
And changed clothes,
Back into the closet they go-
To await the next time
I come to play.


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