On Being Discontinuous and Busy....

Sometimes it happens. You interrupt an activity that you like (blogging) just for a bit, you think. And then months pass before you get into it again.

Well, I'm back.

In the past year, I've become a grandmother, I've worked a lot, I've learned how to paint (sort of), and I've started working on my novel (again). I want to sound encouraging because it can be frightfully depressing to think about the things that I want to do, but never get around to.

Time management is one of the keys. I've started using a site called Toggl to keep track of what I really do during the day. I'm discontinuous and distracted, almost the point of being jumpy if I hit the coffee pot too hard, and from a business angle, I'm tracking the hours I spend on projects and other important activities. I have found that I can, after all, find time to write so please check back in a week or so. I'm putting together a new reading list.

Too many interests can also cause erratic writing behavior. One of my favorite pastimes is watching TED talks and in the last year I found one that led me to Puttylike. Here, I found out that I am perfectly normal. Passionately curious people who like to learn will enjoy both of these sites.

And what about dreams?

Most people have some sort of dream, a secret thought that they hope to dedicate time to one of these days. I have found that many people talk themselves into believing that there are good reasons why they don't succeed. I am one of those people.

I started with questions and then I tried to find positive statements as answers. I don't want to use negative wording. I've heard people say that if an activity is important, we find the time to do it. I'm not sure that it is completely true, because I often feel a wave of guilt coming on when I consider the implications of that statement. Life gets in the way, and I'm convinced that my dreams are important even if I'm not actively working on them at the moment.

And so are yours. Don't give up.


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